Manafactory will partner with Chinese ALLSTAR Culture Media Co (ALLSTAR Group), sharing opportunities in their respective markets. We share a common view on communication and business and inter-cultural exchanges. During his opening speech at CIIE 2018 (China International Import Expo), Chinese President Xi Jinping confirmed the “sincere commitment to open China’s market”, saying "the country has a long-term strategy to buy more from the rest of the world". The cooperation between Manafactory and ALLSTAR will involve import and export enterprises, tourist trade services, government projects, as well as opportunities for knowledge exchange. ALLSTAR is based in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu.
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Be AGILE when you design architecture, content, interfaces and goals. Be SIMPLE when you plan your project and every output. Be PRODUCTIVE when you live as a human being who respects Human Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Progress and everything else that comes with using the web. The World Wide Web is old and we’re a bit older. We’ve watched it grow and become an increasingly important part of our daily lives, gradually improving them. Each time the Internet has made our lives easier, we’ve used it to share our knowledge. We’ve watched it make its way into our lives and disrupt them. Each time the web has invaded our lives, we’ve allowed it to “make noise”. Over the years, we’ve acquired plenty of experience. It’s a fact. And experience teaches us that we have to use the web, design it and edit it with Consciousness. It’s the right thing to do. Now is the time. And we deserve it.